Intent data: Overview

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In this help doc, we'll provide you with a comprehensive list of all the intent data sources that Dreamdata supports.

Dreamdata utilizes various intent data sources, sometimes called engagement or reveal data. One of the advantages of using Dreamdata is the ability to map the complete customer journey by examining all relevant data sources.

In the following section, we'll go over each intent data source and the prerequisites you must satisfy to take advantage of each one.


Assuming you have set up tracking for Dreamdata via either Dreamdata's tracking script or Segment, Dreamdata will automatically use the user's IP address to look up their city, country, and company. This enables Dreamdata to identify anonymous visitors and link them to the appropriate company and their customer journey.

Dreamdata uses one of the leading IP data providers, If you're currently utilizing other sources for this, consider whether you want improved data quality and coverage or to reduce the money spent. Please remember that setting up Dreamdata tracking is associated with the visitor's identity when a user submits a form with an email address. You can read more about how to set up manual tracking on your forms and identify users here.

Looking up companies via IP address is available and included in all plans.

Note that if you choose to anonymize the IP address (as described here), the functionality will not work.

Other intent platforms

Using intent data from multiple alternative sources and Dreamdata intent data is possible. By using multiple intent platforms, you get higher coverage and improve the data quality.

Underneath we've provided you with a list containing the different intent data sources that Dreamdata supports. Each document provides you with the knowledge and on how to set up the intent data platforms within Dreamdata:

LinkedIn Ads

If you've connected your LinkedIn Ads to Dreamdata, the intent data from your LinkedIn Ads will be automatically extracted.

This data will reveal who interacted directly with your advertisements during a specified time in the customer journey. It will display the companies that interacted with your ads and the number of impressions they received.

To utilize this feature, you must run paid advertisements on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn Ads source is available in all plans.


Suppose you have reviews on G2 and are interested in discovering who is reading them and exploring your categories. In that case, G2 can provide this intent data, allowing you to identify the interested companies and begin your outreach.

To utilize this feature, you must have a subscription with G2. Our G2 source is included in all Dreamdata plans.

Are we missing any sources?

We are continually looking for additional intent data sources. If you have any suggestions, please let us know here.

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