Import fixed cost data using Google Sheet

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*Also available as add-on for Team and Business tier.

Fixed cost data can be imported using Google Sheet (following this template)

Dreamdata will connect the uploaded costs (such as salaries, commissions, tools, licenses, etc.) to stages and calculate the customer acquisition cost.

Follow these steps to setup:

  1. Download the template or make a copy of it to keep the Google Sheets format
  2. Insert your fixed cost data (see explanation below) and share the sheet with
  3. Paste the sharing link of the Google Sheet into the empty field found under Sources -> Import CAC data and click Upload Link
Please make sure the shared file is in Google Sheets format. If your file has a different format (example .xlsx) you can convert it by using the Save as Google Sheets option shown below.

Where do I see the result of adding fixed cost data?

The shared cost data will be used to build a CAC report (found under the Revenue Analytics section) and automatically include any new data added to the sheet.

If you are connecting Dreamdata to your data warehouse, the imported cost will automatically be a part of this data.

How do I use the template?

The fixed cost is imported using the schema as shown in the template.

Please do not: add new tabs to the sheet, add extra columns, rename or rearrange any of the columns as the data will not be uploaded correctly.

Required columns:

date: the month where the cost happened (format YYYY-MM).

type: type of the cost (any type names are accepted and there is no limit for how many types can be added). This is used to further classify and filter the cost.

cost: cost in the specified currency .

Optional columns:

currency: currency associated with the cost (if no currency is chosen, it is assumed to be the same as the overall currency setting of the Dreamdata platform).

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