This dashboard will allow you to look at each individual deal and understand what were the touches that led up to the conversion. It will also give you an overview of all your deals combined. Collected data is assigned to each account that has been identified during cross-device tracking.


Date: Set the time period you want to investigate

Stage: You can select your preferred pipeline stage. Read more about the Free Tier Stages here

Channels, Sources, & Campaigns: These filters allow you to hone in on specific marketing efforts. Analyze specific channels, sources, or campaigns to understand their impact and contribution to the deals.

Deals by Company

You can find a company that previously interacted with you by searching the company name or website.

The Contacts will show how many active contacts each account has.

Sessions will allow you to see how engaged your contacts are with your company.

Note: To get more information about the deal, click on the company that you are interested in. This will display the customer journey data we have gathered. 

You can read more about customer journeys in this article.

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