Company Data Enrichment

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Data Enrichment and Standardization

Dreamdata seamlessly integrates with your CRM(s) to automatically retrieve pertinent information such as industry, annual revenue, number of employees, country, and job title. This data is utilized within the product across various reports, allowing you to apply filters based on one or multiple fields.

However, Dreamdata goes beyond simply utilizing the raw data. We aggregate information from all interconnected sources, including your CRM, Marketing Automation, and Intent data. Our goal is to extract the most valuable and up-to-date insights. For instance, if your primary CRM is Salesforce while also integrating HubSpot as your marketing automation system, we follow a systematic process to analyze company data, which involves the following steps:

  • We will pull out data from both systems to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • In cases where conflicting information arises for the same object from the two CRMs, Dreamdata prioritizes the data from your primary CRM.
  • If there is a discrepancy in information between the two sources and neither is your primary CRM, Dreamdata considers the data from the most recently updated object.
  • To enhance the completeness of the data, Dreamdata enriches fields by utilizing information from the company website when it is unavailable in any of your connected sources.

Normalize data

Dreamdata merges, enriches, and standardizes information such as Industry, Annual Revenue, Number of Employees, and Country properties. Dreamdata also categorize Job Titles of your contact data, by assigning Roles and Seniorities to them. By normalizing the data, we ensure consistent categorization across different sources. This approach allows for effective analytics by utilizing a single, predefined system instead of multiple categorizations. Please refer to the following section for more information on individual fields.


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Annual Revenue

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