Company Data Enrichment

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Company Data Enrichment

Dreamdata will automatically download relevant data from our CRM(s). This includes data on companies such as Industry, Annual Revenue, Employees, and Country. You can see this data being used inside the product in various reports, and often you can filter the reports based on some or all the fields.

However, Dreamdata does not just use the data as is. We take the data from all relevant connected sources, such as your CRM, Marketing Automation, and Intent data. Dreamdata will try to take the most insightful and up-to-date data. For example, your primary CRM might be Salesforce, but you have also connected your marketing automation system HubSpot. We will process company data in the following steps:

  • We will pull out data from both systems.
  • If mismatched information exists from two CRMs for the same object, we will take data from your primary CRM.
  • Dreamdata will take data from the latest updated object if there is mismatched information from two sources where both are not your primary CRM.
  • Dreamdata will enrich the fields from a data source using the company website when the data is unavailable in any of your sources.

Normalize data

When Dreamdata merges and enriches the Industry, Annual Revenue, Employees, and Country fields, we normalize the data to ensure that we categorize the data in the same way across sources. For example, there are many categorizations; however, to get do analytics, it's best to use just one system, and therefore we normalize the data to predefined categorizations. Please check below for the details on the individual fields.


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Annual Revenue

See all annual revenue buckets here.


See all annual revenue buckets here.

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