What is a company?

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The Dreamdata Platform operates with three type of companies:

  1. Companies from integrations (like Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.)

The CompanyId will have a prefix matching the integration eg. ‘hubspot-123456789’.

NOTE: If the company is changed in the integration it will automatically change in Dreamdata.

  1. Companies created within the Dreamdata Platform

Dreamdata creates a company from business email domains, if the email is not already connected to a company from an integration in (1).

The CompanyId will have the prefix 'dd' eg. ‘dd-123456789’.

This ensures that all business emails are connected to a company within the Dreamdata Platform.

  1. Anonymous company domains

These are company domains without business email contacts. These domains are not associated with a company from (1) or (2).

This type of company is not counted in any Performance or Revenue Analytics reports.

NOTE: If a domain at a later time becomes associated with a company in an integration (1) or with a business email (2), then it will no longer be counted as anonymous. This happens automatically.

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