Data retention

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What data does Dreamdata store?

Dreamdata store data of all of your connected sources, your website tracking events and analysis data.

Where does Dreamdata store your data?

Dreamdata securely stores your data within the European Union using two Google Cloud services: Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery. Both of these services are equipped with robust encryption and offer reliable data storage solutions.

Google Cloud Storage: Dreamdata streams your website tracking events into Google Cloud Storage and stores daily synchronized data from all your connected sources in the same region before proceeding to load it into BigQuery. This approach ensures not only fault tolerance in tracking but also scalability and efficiency in data synchronization.

BigQuery: Dreamdata provides comprehensive data cleaning, standardization, and enrichment services for all your connected sources, facilitating in-depth analysis of marketing, content, revenue attributions, and more. Throughout this process, Dreamdata conducts most of the analyses and stores all of the query results in BigQuery.

How long does Dreamdata store data of connected sources?

Google Cloud Storage: Dreamdata automatically deletes your data stored in Google Cloud Storage 30 days after the data extraction date.

BigQuery: We maintain a complete copy of all the data from each source connected to Dreamdata to ensure accurate analysis and reporting. Nevertheless, if the data is deleted on your source platform, it will also be automatically removed from Dreamdata to ensure data consistency.

When you disconnect a source from Dreamdata, all data of that source will be automatically deleted after 30 days. If you require faster data removal, please contact your customer success manager.

IP address data

Dreamdata primarily collects IP address data from website tracking, using it to enrich domain and country information. Our data retention policy dictates that we remove IP address data from our database within 30 days of acquisition. It's important to note that when you establish an IP exclusion rule, we will retain the IP addresses associated with those events. However, please be aware that our IP exclusion feature is designed to exclude events with specified IP addresses only for future occurrences. If you inadvertently exclude events with specific IP addresses and wish to reverse this action, you can reach out to your customer success manager for assistance.

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