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Dreamdata Reveal, is designed to equip businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their customer engagement. Powered by the Dreamdata Platform, Reveal collects and combines data from various sources to provide an unparalleled level of insight into your potential and existing customer engagements.

With data being generated from multiple platforms, determining which companies are actively engaging with you and at what stage of the funnel they are, can pose significant challenges. This is where Dreamdata Reveal shines - it seamlessly identifies high-engagement companies, whether they are new prospects or already a part of your sales pipeline.

Which companies are engaging with you across different platforms? Are the companies in your CRM? And where in the funnel are the companies that show high engagement?

Dreamdata Reveal provide you this detailed overview and helps you easily identify companies showing high engagement

Dreamdata Reveal de-anonymize your website traffic linking anonymous visitors to companies.

This allows Dreamdata Reveal to identify companies visiting your website without people signing up or otherwise identifying themselves.

Dreamdata Reveal collects all engagement in one place, so you can easily see which companies are browsing your website, engaging with your LinkedIn ads, and reading your G2 reviews, providing you a thorough understanding of who is currently interacting with your brand.

This can help you identify your most valuable prospects, reach out to them at the right time, and increase your lead generation and sales.

Want to know if a company browsed your website, interacted with your LinkedIn ads, and read your G2 reviews?

With Dreamdata Reveal doing the heavy lifting, this level of insight is at your fingertips. Never again miss out on a potential customer showing high engagement.

Dreamdata Reveal automatically employs an intelligent Engagement Score mechanism for each company based on the activity of the company within the last 30 days. The engagement score collects all engagement and intent signals, allowing you to single out highly engaged companies across various platforms, using a single, intuitive metric.

A variety of signals are used to calculate the engagement score, including de-anonymized website traffic, LinkedIn ad engagement, G2 views, conversions, sales activities, offline activities etc. This comprehensive approach ensures that you get the most accurate and actionable insights possible.

You can use the engagement score to prioritize your outreach efforts and focus on the companies that are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Furthermore, the trend analysis of the engagement score can be used to quickly locate companies increasing their engagement with you.

Read more about the engagement score here.

Dreamdata Reveal also integrates seamlessly with your CRM, allowing quick identification of companies already in your database and their respective account owners. Additionally, it interfaces with the Dreamdata Customer Journey tool, enabling you to access a complete customer journey with just a click!

What can Dreamdata Reveal help me with?

Dreamdata Reveal empowers you to easily identify companies demonstrating high engagement, whether they are new leads or already in your sales pipeline. It provides a superior level of understanding and control over your customer engagement landscape.

The advanced filters facilitate a wide array of highly customizable analysis options to help you:

  • Identify high-value prospects and new opportunities
  • Prioritize and evaluate ABM efforts
  • Prioritize your outreach efforts
  • Make sure you are reaching the right companies
  • Locate highly engaged accounts in your sales funnel

Depending on the goal of the analysis you can use the advanced filters to fully customize the engagement report

Identify new opportunities

The NEW tag identifies companies having activity in the last 7 with no activity in the previous 7 days

Identify companies with high engagement that are

  • Already in your CRM or not in your CRM - never miss an opportunity just because they are not in your CRM
  • In your CRM but does not have an account owner - find highly engaged accounts not being worked on

Sales representatives can also use the account owner filter to locate their accounts to prioritize outreach

Use filters like industry, company country, number of employees, annual revenue etc. to identify the right companies showing high engagement

Connect engaged companies with your pipeline and funnel

Find highly engaged accounts that are already in a specific place in the funnel - which Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) are engaging the most with you?

Filter out existing customers or look specifically at existing customers to find candidates for upsell

Find companies that have not reached a specific place in your funnel - which companies with high engagement have not yet been a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

Find high engaged companies performing specific actions

Identify companies visiting your pricing page within the last 30 days and showing high engagement across all platforms - which companies seeing your pricing page are also engaging with you on LinkedIn or checking out your reviews

Companies performing a specific action - find the companies attending a webinar, subscribing to your newsletter etc. and have a high engagement with you across platforms

If running specific campaigns, use the campaign and/or source filter to find companies interacting with that campaign within the last 30 days

Companies with high engagement that interacted with a specific channel

How does it work?

Reveal uses activity data in the Dreamdata Platform from the last 30 days to create a searchable list of companies that have engaged with you on one or more different platforms.

Firmographics: Dreamdata Reveal shows relevant firmographics information. This combines data from your CRM, any enrichment providers enabled through integrations and Dreamdata's own enrichment, to give you as complete a record as possible.

Use this to identify companies matching you ICP.

Combine with CRM: Dreamdata Reveal also combines the engagement data with your CRM, allowing you to easily identify if a company is already in your CRM and if it has an account owner.

Engagement score: Dreamdata Reveal uses intent signals to calculate an engagement score for each company engaging with your brand. The first score is the general engagement score. The green highlighted score is the increase in the last 7 days.

Dreamdata Reveal uses different signals including de-anonymized website traffic, LinkedIn ad engagement, G2 views, conversions, sales activities, offline activities etc. to calculate the engagement score. Read more about the engagement score here.

This comprehensive approach ensures that you get the most accurate and actionable insights possible.

What do I need to do to make it work?

Dreamdata Reveal only requires website tracking data, but the more sources enabled the more detailed picture Dreamdata Reveal will give you.

To take advantage of the de-anonymization feature the website tracking needs to be setup using the Dreamdata tracking script or Segment.

A CRM integration is not required, but enabling it will allow you to see information like if companies are in your CRM already and if they have an account owner

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