Setting up B2B Benchmarks

Updated by Steen Voersaa

Dreamdata Benchmark Data enables you to compare your company performance data with industry average performance data. This will help you to confirm, and re-evaluate, and update your current performance strategy. Benchmark Data is one of top requested insights from B2B customers.


Opt In to Benchmark data

Every new Dreamdata account is automatically opted in to Benchmark Data. If you need to update this setting, you can do so under the Settings > Benchmark view.


Define your sales funnel

Once you have set up the goals (in Dreamdata referred to as stage models) that are part of your full sales funnel, then you will need to define the order of the stages that make up your primary sales funnel.

You will need to define the stages that represent the top of your sales funnel, the middle of your sales funnel, the bottom of your sales funnel, as well as the stage that represents your Closed Won stage. This is a one-time setup.


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