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What is ROI?

In B2B marketing, ROI is a measure used to evaluate the financial return on investment generated by B2B marketing efforts.

What can you see in the report?

The ROI (return on investment) report provides you with insights into where your marketing dollars are best spent, in order to make informed (data-driven) decisions on future spending.

See the costs of:

  • All your ad networks
  • Physical activities like tradeshows, conferences, webinars, affiliates, etc.
  • Spend from unsupported ad platforms such as 6sense, TikTok, or Reddit.
  • Additional managing costs from existing ad-platform integrations you may wish to include.

Cost Grouped By Source - Over Time

The first plot in the report shows an overview of the data imported using Google Sheets as well as the cost associated with all integrated sources. The summary is grouped by day, week, month or quarter, depending on the aggregation level selected, and is shown in the currency selected in the Dreamdata account.


Overall Performance - Over Time

The second plot in the report shows a comparison of the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and ROI (Return On Investment) for the chosen aggregation level and time range.


Metrics for Paid Activities Grouped By Source

The first table in the report shows multiple metrics for each channel <-> source pairing included in the report. The metrics are those shown in previous plots (CPA, ROI, Cost) and some new ones: visitors, contacts, companies, influenced leads, influenced value, leads and value.

Example:Some sources are aggregated towards their ad network and the aggregation is available in the report as well.

Metrics for Paid Activities Grouped By Source - Over Time

The second table in the report is a more detailed version of the table above, which provides weekly metrics for all the channel <-> source groupings available(the source aggregation is still used in this table).


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