Ad Performance

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This report presents a comparative analysis of your paid performance metrics against other B2B companies using the same ad network. 

Select the metric you wish to evaluate your performance according to the specified benchmark, along with the proportion of your advertising budget assigned to the ad network over various periods.

This enables you to draw comparisons between periods of higher advertising investment and those where the budget was more constrained, offering insights into strategic budget allocation for optimal effectiveness and seasonal trends.

Performance evaluation

Is our cost per click good compared to industry standards?

Evaluate your marketing effectiveness by contrasting your outcomes with industry benchmarks. 

Underperformance against these benchmarks may indicate areas for strategic realignment or improvement in your marketing channels. 

Conversely, surpassing benchmarks may validate the efficacy of your innovative strategies, suggesting areas to further capitalize on your successes.

Trend Analysis

Are B2B companies spending more money on LinkedIn this year?

Leverage benchmarks to gain insights into prevailing industry trends. 

By recognizing and adapting to these trends, you can refine your marketing strategy to maintain competitiveness or to pioneer new market standards.

Goal Setting

What click through rate should we aim for with the new campaign?

Utilize benchmarks to establish informed, realistic goals for your campaigns. Particularly useful for launching new initiatives or entering unfamiliar markets, these benchmarks serve as a guide to setting attainable yet challenging objectives.


Only monthly data of companies that have spent a minimum amount are included in the benchmark calculation. 

We compare all performance metrics on a monthly basis. The benchmark figure represents the median across all companies included in the benchmark. The tiers indicated in the header represent the first quartile, median, and third quartile for this same group.

When a single number is shown it represents the aggregation of all the time points in the selected time range. This gives equal weight to each month.

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