Web Traffic

Updated by Iker Camara

This dashboard investigates how visitors land in your website.

Evaluate your traffic to determine if your SEO and paid marketing efforts surpass industry standards.

Analyze traffic source

Where is my traffic originating from?

Identify your key traffic sources and compare them to the benchmarks to find new potential sources.


The report is based only on page views on your website.

When the session comes from a paid ad, it is categorized by the name of the source. Other categories are grouped in larger groups including "Direct", "Organic Search" or "Organic Social". Less common channels and sources are included under "Other".

To compare diverse traffic numbers across accounts, we calculate the percentage of each source per account. This approach normalizes the data, allowing for a fair comparison. Then, by aggregating these percentages, we establish a benchmark metric that reflects the average website traffic of a B2B company.

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