Setting up G2

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It can take up to 48 hours for the data to show in the Dreamdata app once you successfully integrated it.
  1. On Dreamdata's main menu, click on Data Platform and then select "Sources".
  2. On the Sources page, select "G2 Crowd" from the Paid section or by searching for it using the search bar.
  3. In order to proceed, you need to submit your G2 Crowd API-key.
  4. You can generate an API from the integrations page in your G2 Crowd account. If your account does not have the right package to access this feature, talk to your G2 Crowd Account Executive.
  5. Once you've received the API-key, paste it and Click "Enable".
  6. Input your G2 annual cost
  7. You're all set 🔥 It can take up to between 24 – 48 hours before data begins to appear.

Change of annual cost

If your G2 cost changes over the time, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Copy this template and enter the cost
  2. Share the sheet to​ with Viewer access.
  3. Send the share link to your customer success manager.

Use G2 historical data for attribution

G2 API is only exposing 24 hours of Buyer Intent historical data, which means Dreamdata won't get your historical buyer intent data if you have been using G2 for a long time. However, you can download 1 year of historical buyer intent data from the G2 webpage as a CSV file, then share the CSV file with your Dreamdata customer success person. We will make sure those data are included for attribution. You can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to G2 product > Buyer Activity > Buyer Intent > Your Signal page
  1. Change Date Range to 1 Year > Apply
  2. Download Detail CSV
  1. After the data is downloaded, you can import the CSV file into a Google sheet and share the sheet with the Dreamdata email group with Viewer access. Send the share link to Dreamdata customer success. We will handle the rest!

Set Up Tracking

Go to G2 product > Buyer Activity > Leads > CTA Settings > add UTM parameters in the url. For example,

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