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This benchmark report shows the distribution of your ads spend compared to the ads spend of other B2B companies. 

Furthermore, it shows the effectiveness of different advertising networks to influence contacts and companies, allowing you to evaluate where to best allocate your budget.

Compare spend allocation

Am I allocating more of my budget to Branded Google Ads in comparison to other B2B companies?

Compare your budget distribution to other B2B companies to see if you are over or underinvesting compared to industry trends.

Assess performance

Are other companies seeing a good effect of a channel I’m not utilizing?

Use the influenced metrics to determine how your investment influenced contacts and companies compared to industry standards.

The influence metrics depend highly on how the individual ad network is tracking ie. Youtube tracking is very different from Google Ads.  However, comparing your data to the benchmark provides a direct comparison of numbers calculated using similar methods - keeping conclusions consistent.

This can help you spot new high-performing opportunities that you might have overlooked.

Strategic planning

Do my allocation align or deviate from other similar B2B companies?

Provide a rationale for your marketing investments by comparing the allocation to industry norms.  


When calculating budget distribution, we consider all advertisement spend ie. all spend appearing in the Ad Spend report (or ROI report with spend type equal to ‘advertisement’).

To compare companies with varying advertising budgets, we calculate advertising spend on a given ad network as a percentage of each company's total budget. This approach normalizes the data, allowing for a fair comparison. Then, by aggregating these percentages, we establish a benchmark metric that reflects the average advertising of a B2B company.

Ad networks averaging less than 0.5% of the budget allocation are not displayed on the dashboard.

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