Setting up Marketo

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To enable Dreamdata to access your Marketo account you will need to provide three pieces of information: 

  1. Your unique Base URL
  2. Your Client Id
  3. Your Client Secret 


The Base URL

You can find your base URL by logging in to Marketo and navigate to the Admin > Integration > Web Services menu. The base URL is labeled “Endpoint” and found in the “REST API” section as shown in the following screenshots:


The Client Id and Client Secret

To automatically generate a Client Id and a Client Secret you will need to create a “Custom Service”. To create this Custom Service, go to the Admin > LaunchPoint menu, and select New Service.



Give your service a descriptive name (say “Dreamdata connection”) and from the “Service” list select “Custom”.  Give your service a more verbose description and select the appropriate user from the API Only User list, then press Create.


This will add a new service to your list of LaunchPoint services, and the option to “View Details”.  Click on “View Details” and you’ll be given the Client Id and Client Secret:



With the Base URL, Client Id and Client Secret in hand, please log into your Dreamdata account and go to Data Platform > Sources > Marketo to enable the integrations.

The initial data synchronization from Marketo to Dreamdata is performed incrementally. This is due to daily data transfer limits imposed by Marketo. For this reason, it can take several days before all your data is viewable in Dreamdata.

By default, the following objects are synchronized:

From Marketo

To Dreamdata



  • Programs,
  • Program Membership,
  • Activities
    • Visit Webpage *
    • Fill Out Form *
    • Click Link *
    • Click Email *
    • Fill Out LinkedIn Lead Gen Form *
    • Fill Out Facebook Lead Ads Form *
    • Send Email
    • Email Delivered
    • Email Bounced
    • Open Email
    • Email Bounced Soft
    • Send Sales Email
    • Open Sales Email
    • Click Sales Email
    • Receive Sales Email
    • Sales Email Bounced
    • Sent Forward to Friend Email
    • Received Forward to Friend Email
    • Change Program Member Data
    • Reply to Sales Email
    • Dialogue Engaged
    • Document Interacted With
    • Dialogue Goal Reached
    • Share Content
    • Click Shared Link


Activity types denoted with * are used as touchpoints in Dreamdata by default. If you want to include additional activity types as touchpoints, please contact support.

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