Anonymizing IP

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Dreamdata's tracking script automatically collects IP-addresses of you visitors.

If you prefer not sharing customers IP-addresses with Dreamdata this article describes how you can anonymize the IP. You can also read about what Dreamdata use the IP-addresses for and what the consequences of anonymizing the IP will be.

What do Dreamdata use the IP for?

Dreamdata use the IP for two purposes.

  1. Looking up the country using the IP and associate the visitors activity with that country.
  2. Looking up the company using the IP. This is possible if the IP is associated with a company and can help you understand some of your anonymous traffic.


The consequences of anonymizing the IP is therefore that Dreamdata is not able to see from which countries the traffic is coming from and that Dreamdata can't associate some of the anonymous traffic with a company by reverse looking up the IP. Aside from that no features is impacted and Dreamdata will work as normal.

Anonymizing IP

To anonymize the IP you can pass a value for options.context.ip to prevent the systems from recording the IP address for the request, see below for code example.

// Page View{}, { context: { ip: '' }});

// Track Event
analytics.track('conversion', {}, { context: { ip: '' }});

// Identify User
analytics.identify(null, {email: ''}, { context: { ip: '' }});

You must add this override to every Track, Page, Identify call to explicitly override IP collection. If you reset this trait in the context object, Dreamdata defaults to the normal IP collection behavior.

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