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Events analyze all touchpoints (=events) that are tracked in a given time period.

You can summarize the over-time development as well as the total number of visitors, known contacts and accounts for each specific interaction event. 

This surfaces insights into what people do when engaging with your website.

What interesting metrics can I get form this report?

  • Details of each event (when, who and how it happens)
  • The influenced value/deals of each type of event
  • What triggers certain events?
  • What previous URL did people come from?
  • How many Influenced leads do events generate?
  • How many leads per session did each event generate
  • Event conversions

In the image below we have set up the filters for "Group by: Channel and Source". This will tell you where people come from mostly to trigger the event.

Typical questions you will find answers to through Events

How many people downloaded the ebook last month? Is this number increasing or decreasing?

Dreamdata’s Digital Analytics measures performance against conversions*, but also extends this to advanced impact analytics in order to discover the traffic and conversions impact on pipeline and revenue on account level.

Of the people downloading the ebook last month, how many companies do they represent and how many turned into pipeline?

This allows us to identify which activities lead to conversions, pipeline and revenue.

For people who have identified themselves (ex via form submissions), we can further deep dive into who (people or account) performed specific events, allowing for advanced creation of audiences.

Who (person or account) coming from a Paid channel, downloaded the ebook or registered for the webinar last month?

In addition, the report allows for segmentation of each tracked event by changing the ‘Group By’ option. This creates segments for each event based on properties such as Channel, Source, Campaign, Referrer etc. So we investigate where people come from when performing a certain action.

What is the top Source / Channel bringing in people who fill out the ‘book-a-demo’ form? Are Paid or Organic driving sign-ups ?

* conversions: a single tracked event that is labeled as a conversion. This is similar to conversions defined in tools such as Google Analytics.

Dreamdata furthermore allows you to define customized metrics based on ex. CRM properties and actions. You can track performance of these metrics in a similar way as you would for conversion events.

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