Understanding: Anonymous

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In this article we'll cover the term anonymous as it appears throughout the platform.

Why does Dreamdata show anonymous Touch points?

Dreamdata works account-based. This is why all touch points, that can be mapped into a company journey, will always show even if they are anonymous.

Reason why:

Anonymous is used when we cannot connect a contact to a touch point, but we can link the touch point to a company through enrichment. The touch points are anonymous because they have been merged, but we cannot find the old contact. Therefore, the contact is there, but we cannot see the old ID.

Where will you encounter the term?

You can see the term "Anonymous Visitor" in the screenshot above. You'll encounter this term under the Customer Journeys' section on the Companies page.

Additionally, as the screenshot below illustrates, ad impressions and video views from LinkedIn are also labeled as anonymous. This is because they're considered PII (Personal Identifiable Information).

Therefore visitors will be viewed as anonymous if:

  1. They haven't filled out a form when they visit a website
  2. If the activity is retrieved from an opportunity without a contact.
  3. LinkedIn Ad Impressions and LinkedIn Ad Video View are also anonymous because they are PII.

In rare occasions calls and meetings can also appear as anonymous. This could be because contacts were merged or the touch point is gatehered from the oppertunity or account instead of a Contact.
If you see these anonymous calls and meetings, you should check your crm

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