Partner Advantages

Updated by Emma Bart Pedersen

Key Benefits of Partnering with us:

Accurately Reflect Your Worth and ROI to Clients

Drive Revenue, Not Just Leads

  • Focus on generating actual revenue rather than merely increasing leads.

Transparency into Your Core Offering

  • Gain clear insights into the main strengths and offerings of your services.

Simplify Data Extraction and Manipulation

  • Save time and effort by simplifying data processes, allowing you to concentrate on reporting and execution.

Professional Service Work

Handle Requests Beyond Our Core Capabilities

  • Opportunities to manage specialized requests that go beyond our standard services.

Exclusivity for High-Performing Agencies

  • Professional service work is limited to select, top-performing agencies.


Quick Wins:

  • LinkedIn Live: We host LinkedIn Live sessions twice a month with an average audience of around 100 viewers.
  • Organic LinkedIn: Leverage our large following across multiple profiles, integral to our strategy and culture.
  • Guest Blog Posts: Contribute to our blog with guest posts.
  • Benchmark Data: Access valuable benchmark data from our app.

Strategic Initiatives:

  • Physical Events: Participate in physical events for deeper engagement.
  • Joint Case Studies: Collaborate on case studies to highlight success stories.
  • Joint Webinars: Co-host webinars to share insights and expertise.

Expand your capabilities:

Leverage Our Paid Platform at No Cost

  • After successful referrals, use our paid platform for free - see our tiering page
  • Enhance your understanding and utilization of the platform
  • Foster growth for your agency
  • Valued at over $10,000+

Additional Service Offering for your Agency

Dreamdata Free + Team

  • Completely self-serve platform
  • GDPR-friendly and a B2B-focused alternative to Google Analytics
  • Quick setup with options for customization and in-app configuration

Certified Partner Training:

Comprehensive Training by Dreamdata

  • Receive thorough training leading to certification
  • Benefit from ongoing support and advanced skill development
  • Only for selected high-perfoming agencies

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