Engagement Score

Updated by Mikkel Settnes

Engagement Score is automatically calculated by Dreamdata Reveal to collect all engagement and intent signals within the last 30 days into a single intuitive metric, that can be used to identify highly engaged companies.

It uses a variety of signals including de-anonymized website traffic, LinkedIn ad engagement, G2 views, conversions, sales activities, offline activities etc. This comprehensive approach ensures that you get the most accurate and actionable insights possible.

How does it work?

For each type of engagement signal the activities from the last 30 days are taken into consideration.

Activities within the last 7 days are weighted equally, whereas older activities are weighted less.

Each engagement type is scaled comparable to the amount of activity seen across companies for that type. In this way, the score is a measure of activity relative to all companies showing similar type of activity.

After an engagement score has been calculated for each type of engagement signal, the total engagement score is the weighted sum of the individual signal scores.

This ensures that a company needs high engagement across the different engagement signals to reach a score of 100%.

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