Understanding: Monthly Tracked User (MTU)

Updated by Anton Lauritsen

In this article, we'll define the term MTU (Monthly Tracked User), and how we count MTUs across systems.


A MTU is a unique user who triggers one or more events in any of your connected data sources within a calendar month.

No matter how many events or sessions a user triggers each month, Dreamdata will count them as a single MTU.

If there are multiple unique users from the same account, these will be counted as unique MTUs. Each individual user might also be connected to multiple accounts. This would still only count as 1 MTU.

Note: Anonymous visits from multiple data sources will be counted as unique visits, and therefore the same user might be counted twice. However, when these identify themselves we'll count them as one again.

How we count MTU across systems


Any active contact with a tracked activity against the user in a given month will be counted towards your MTUs.

The main activities we consider here are: Form submit, Page view, Email clicked, and Website


Any anonymous or identified contacts with one of the following activities in a given month will be counted towards your MTUs: Form submit and Page view.

Tracking is consent-based and relies on cookies being accepted


We count 1 MTU per account that we map LinkedIn ad engagements from

Impressions do not count towards MTUs. Engagement on ads includes likes, clicks, comments, shares or completed video views.

We're not receiving organic engagements through LinkedIn's APIs, so it's not part of the data layer. 


If the same user has engagements across multiple networks it's only counted as 1.

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