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Join us in our Partner Program

Welcome to our partner documentation page.

We highly value our partnerships with agencies dedicated to driving client revenue.

As a first party, GDPR-friendly alternative to Google Analytics, we provide low barrier of entry for all agency partners to begin with, that can develop into something much larger.

Together, our mission is to deliver value and accurately reflect your worth and ROI to your clients.

How we work with Partners and what is in it for you?

At Dreamdata we love an agency focused on driving what truly matters for their clients - Revenue.

Our aim is to provide value to you and be sure to truly reflect your worth as well as the ROI you provide to your clients.

We know the manual data extraction and manipulation can be a long and tedious process. Which is why, our aim is to make your life easier. Whether it is through the Dreamdata platform or your own Business Intelligence tool, you will have access to a single source for all client go-to-market data.

Besides the huge business benefits you and your clients will discover, there are of course more “traditional” partner activities we love to engage in, such as co-marketing activities that gradually get larger as the relationship grows.

If any of this sounds appealing, be sure to check out the tiering page for more information.

Partnering with us means:

  • Advanced customer journey tracking to capture more of the initial journey before becoming a lead
  • Multi-touch attribution to account for multiple ad touch points between conversions
  • Pipeline attribution showing impact of ads in later stages of pipeline
  • Gain the confidence to grow
  • Better knowledge of what works and what doesn’t
  • One source for all spent and pipeline impact metrics

Check our partner advantages page for additional insights.

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