Understanding: Unspecified

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In this article, we'll define the term 'Unspecified' as it appears in the application and show you where you might encounter this.

Unspecified is a term you will encounter multiple places throughout your use of the Dreamdata application.

What is 'Unspecified'?

The term 'Unspecified' means that the 'Group by' function is non-applicable to the type of source and channel that you have chosen.

Tip: If you're seeing too many unspecified try to consider the kind of 'filters' and 'Group by' functions that you're using - these might not match.


If you were to set 'Source' as "Meeting" you wouldn't be able to use "Campaign" as a 'group by' function.

In the screenshot below, you can see that when grouping by "Source + Campaign", only "Source" is showing, and "Campaign" is "Unpecified".

The reason for this is that those parameters we are using to group by do not match each other because, in this case, events with Source = "Meeting" don't contain the data/information "Campaign", since it wasn't part of a campaign.

"Campaign" is not an information present in events that have Source = "Meeting", and therefore irrelevant to group by.

In this example, "Unspecified" means that we are getting "Source", but no "Campaign" was specified.

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