Updated by Ole Dallerup

Dreamdata comes with built-in functionality to collect intent data for all your visitors. However, using Snitcher, you should improve the data quality and coverage by parsing the Snitcher intent data to Dreamdata. When Dreamdata and Snitcher intent data give a result, Snitcher data will be used.

The script below requires you to set up Dreamdata tracking and the Snitcher script. You can add the script to your website's header or load it through Google Tag Manager.

<script type="text/javascript">
function dreamdataCallback(identification) {
if (!identification || identification.type !== "business" || ! ||

var reveal =;, {
website: reveal.domain,
source: "snitcher",
name: || undefined,
industry: reveal.industry || undefined,
number_of_employees: reveal.employee_range || undefined,
annual_revenue: reveal.revenue.amount || undefined,

window.SpotterSettings = {
callback: dreamdataCallback,

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