How is anonymous traffic linked to companies?

Updated by Mikkel Settnes

What is anonymous traffic?

Anonymous traffic are all activities, where only the domain is known ie. the person who performed the activity is not known.

Examples of anonymous traffic:

  • De-anonymized traffic using IP-data will only reveal the company and not the person.
  • Activity on the LinkedIn platform is only available on a company level and on LinkedIn a company is identified only by the domain.
  • Generally intent data will be anonymous as it is inherently on a company level only. Read more about intent data here

Anonymous activity is mapped to a company, if the domain of the anonymous traffic match the website/domain of the company.

If the source integration supports additional websites, the activity is linked to the company if the domain matches any of the websites associated with the website

What happens when I have duplications in my CRM?

Duplication in context of anonymous traffic means that the same website is associated with multiple companies.

In this case, the anonymous activity will be linked to all the companies where the website/domain match that of the activity.

If the same website is duplicated more than 50 times in the CRM, anonymous activity is only linked to the 50 newest companies.

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