Journey Metrics

Updated by Iker Camara

This dashboard examines key go-to-market metrics like journey length, number of sessions and number of contacts involved in different steps of the customer journey.

You can track your journey length over time to assess if your sales process is outpacing or lagging behind industry benchmarks. Additionally, you can discover which channels are most popular at various stages of the sales funnel.

Analyze time to conversion

How long does it take me to close a deal?

Find out your average journey length and compare it to the benchmark to see whether you are converting faster.

Channel distribution

What are the channels used between Opportunity created and Opportunity closed?

Examine your channel performance and see how it stacks up against industry standards to identify your most effective acquisition channels.



The report is based only on stage models that you have selected as your primary funnel stages in the benchmark settings.

All the go-to-market metrics are computed between stages. Then, starting on the date of the initial stage and ending on the date of the final stage. The analysis considers all transitions, where the final step is reached within the chosen time period. Note: the analyzed journey does not have to be fully within the time period, only the time of the final stage.

For each funnel step, we identify which sessions were part of the journey. The journey metrics are calculated as the average over all transitions for each Dreamdata account. Then, the benchmark is calculated as the median among all the B2B companies that belong to the selected benchmark group.

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