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Updated by Andreea Oprea

A big part of the future of B2B go-to-market is automation. To help you automate your efforts we have created Syncs. With syncs you can send audiences and conversion data back into the tools you’re using every day, and thereby close the revenue feedback loop.

Dreamdata’s Audience Hub gives you both the power to build precise audiences and the ability to automatically sync them back to ad platforms (with Audience Syncs), so you can use them in targeting/retargeting campaigns. And, with Conversion Syncs, you can send your sales funnel conversions back to both LinkedIn and Google Ads.

Best of all, you only need to set the syncs up once. After the initial setup, Dreamdata will automatically send daily updated conversions and audience data. This guarantees the necessary data accuracy and freshness to continually optimize your campaigns.

You can read more about each of our syncs here:

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