Understanding: Referrer

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In this article, we'll define the term 'referrer' as it appears in the application.

What is 'Referrer'?

Referrer is a group by option and also a filter you will find in the application.

The purpose of a referrer in web analytics is to show where visitors are coming from.

We get the referrer's information whenever there aren't any UTM parameters available e.g. utm_campaign, and we can identify that the visitor came from another website.

The referrer is a link between one web host and another, indicating that someone came from another website.

Note: the referrer is also known as URL/HTTP referrer


If someone clicks on e.g. an external link to visit your website, their browser will then tell the webpage's server which page they were on before. That way we'll know whether that person came from another web host.

Let's say someone is navigating on blog.example.com and click on a link to store.example.com. When the user lands on the website store.example.com we know that this page view was referred from blog.example.com.

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