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Using the various features in Dreamdata should not risk breaching GDPR compliance because Dreamdata uses only YOUR data to do this. As stated in the DPA, you are the data controller.

That means that as long as you are relying on a proper basis for data collection and processing (e.g., consent, legitimate basis, etc.) and your privacy policy complies with any applicable notice requirements, the data is yours to process as you’d like, and using Dreamdata to do that will not create any new privacy violations because Dreamdata is just a processor. Additionally, email addresses are encrypted before being sent to any of the ad platforms.

As a controller, you are responsible for obtaining the necessary consent to process your data. You will typically rely on a platform’s privacy and consent settings and then match this with the information you own in your CRM.

For example, on LinkedIn, each user sets their consent preferences. If they have agreed to receive targeted ads, then they will see your targeted ads and you will get the relevant data about that from LinkedIn.

Dreamdata can connect this information to your own information in your CRM - this data is not pulled from other sources or sent to any other third parties. If a user has opted out, then they will not see the ad, and LinkedIn will not share any data regarding that individual. It is always your responsibility to ensure that the data you collect is collected and processed in a compliant matter before submitting that data to the Dreamdata application.

Dreamdata cannot provide you with direct legal advice or an opinion as to whether your data collection methods are compliant with any applicable laws or regulations. You must confirm with your own legal or privacy team to confirm that your company is comfortable with its compliance for PII collection. As long as you are correctly handling consent management and respecting the consent mechanism within the platforms, then there will not be a risk with GDPR compliance in using Dreamdata as a processor.

We are always here to help you understand the mechanics so that you feel confident using Dreamdata so please reach out to with any questions or requests!

Thank you!

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