Setup Guide: Creation of Opportunities/Deals

Updated by Mikkel Settnes

The steps below setup a Stage Model that measures the creation of Opportunities/Deals.

  1. Pick Opportunities (for Salesforce/Microsoft Dynamics or Deals if your using Hubspot/Pipedrive as your CRM)

  1. (Optionally) Apply filters to pick out specific Opportunities.
  2. Choose the timestamp as CreatedDate (createdon if you are using Microsoft Dynamics as your CRM, hs_createdate if using Hubspot or add_time for Pipedrive)

This will set the timestamp of entering the stage to the creation date of the Opportunity.

Change CreatedDate to CloseDate if you want to measure when the Opportunities/Deals closed instead of were created. The property is called actualclosedate in Microsoft Dynamics, closedatein Hubspot or close_timein Pipedrive
  1. Use the default Amount field as value of the stage (totalamount_base for Microsoft Dynamics orvalue for Pipedrive)

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