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LinkedIn's Offline Conversions is a method of conversion tracking that allows you to attribute your offline data (such as off-site or offline conversions) to your LinkedIn ads. An example of this would be LinkedIn ad click being part of a customer journey, which e.g. converted into a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) within 90 days of the ad click action. This can help you more accurately measure the down-funnel effectiveness of your campaigns by providing more insights to improve return on investment measurement and optimize performance. 

You can set up automatic offline conversion sharing with LinkedIn from inside the Dreamdata app. This will sync account contact data as the specified stage is reached.

How does it work?

Dreamdata only sends recent 90 days stage reached events of a contact to LinkedIn, starting from the sync creation date.

After adding the sync, Dreamdata will send the following data to LinkedIn:

  • Email Address (hashed)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Country
  • Timestamp (when the contact reach the stage)
  • Value (based on your stage model setting)

By default we set up the conversion rule with the following settings:

  • 90 days post-click conversion window
  • 90 days view-through conversion window
  • Each campaign attribution model
  • Associate all existing active campaigns

You can learn more about LinkedIn Conversion Window and LinkedIn Conversion Attribution Model.

You can modify the conversion settings in your LinkedIn Campaign Manager platform.

  • The sync will happen once per day.
  • It takes up to 24 hours after sync creation for us to send data to LinkedIn.
  • It takes LinkedIn up to 48 hours after getting the data from Dreamdata before you will see the offline conversions in LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

How to add a sync?

  • Navigate to Data Platform -> Destinations -> LinkedIn
  • Click Enable button to connect your LinkedIn account
  • Add Offline Conversion sync with following details:
    • Ad account: the LinkedIn Ads account you want to sync the data with.
    • Stage: Select the stage goal you want your ads to be optimised toward.
    • Name: The name will show up on your campaign performance report with conversions breakdown on LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Permission requirement

To successfully integrate and transfer offline conversion data to LinkedIn, you must hold one of the following roles or permissions on each ad account level:

  • Billing admin
  • Account manager
  • Campaign manager
  • Creative manager

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