Setting up Facebook Ads

To populate your Paid Overview, Cost, ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and Facebook Ads dashboards with data, you need to enable the Facebook Ads integration.

It can take up to 48 hours for the data to show in the Dreamdata app once you successfully integrated it.
Setting up Facebook Ads
  1. In Dreamdata's main menu on your left side, click on Data Platform and then select "Sources".
  2. On the "Sources" page, select "Facebook Ads" under the Paid section.
  1. Click "Enable" (a new tab will open).
  2. In order to proceed you need to be signed into your Facebook Account.
  3. Grant access to manage your Facebook ads and related stats. Click "Allow".
  4. Make sure relevant accounts are set to "Active" and click "Save".
  5. You're all set 🔥 It can take up to between 24 – 48 hours before data begins to appear in your Paid Overview, Cost, ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and Facebook Ads dashboards.
What data do we get from Facebook?

Daily campaign performance which contains daily cost, clicks, impressions for each campaign. Dreamdata will use all the historical data available for your plan.


When running Facebook Ads it is important to add the ad_id ( &ad_id={{}} ) to the UTM parameters of your ads.

This will allow us to gather specific data on the ad, ad_set and campaign level when your Facebook ad Visitors land on your website.

Most importantly, we will be able to run ROI calculations at the Facebook campaign level.

As soon as you add the ad_id to the URLs on your Facebook campaigns you will be able to report down on both the ad, ad set, and campaign level.
In cases where we can’t match the ad_id to one of your ads or when there is no ad_id it will be marked as an Unknown campaign, ad set, and ad.

Below are two guides by Facebook showing how to add UTM parameters, and more specifically adding the ad_id through dynamic parameters to your URLs.

Here is some screenshots to help:

If the tracking instructions above are not followed, attribution will be inaccurate and the Ad Account filter available in the performance reports will not work properly.


If you are are using HubSpot and using HubSpot ad tracking having enabled auto tracking, you are not required to add any additional parameters to your campaign urls. Dreamdata will automatically use the ones HubSpot set.

Read more about HubSpot ad tracking here.

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