G2 Crowd

With this dashboard, you can investigate potential/existing customers who read G2 reviews. Moreover it will help you to evaluate the business outcomes generated through the G2 platform. 

Note: remember to adjust stage and attribution models based on your business model and intended analysis.


Date: Set the time period you want to investigate

Stage: You can select your preferred pipeline stage. Read more about the Free Tier Stages here

Attribution: Choose the attribution model which is meaningful for your analysis

  • First Touch
  • Last Touch 
  • Linear 
  • U-Shaped
  • W-Shaped

Countries: Choose the country you want to investigate 

Url: Choose the URL you want to collect information about

Aggregation: Set the time frames you wish your data to be displayed

Group By: Choose different options to see how it affects your deals

  • URL
  • Country

Visit Type: Choose different page view types

  • Category: The number of times prospects researched a product category which your product is a part of 
  • Profile: The number of times prospects researched your product profile on G2
  • Alternatives: The number of times prospects researched alternatives to your product or alternatives to similar products on G2
  • Compare: The number of times prospects compare you directly to a competitor on G2
  • Licensed G2 Content: G2 reports
  • Sponsored Content View: Visitor has an impression of your sponsored ads on G2

Note: Date is referring to the time period when visitors/contacts interacted with G2 Crowd


Visitors: ​​Include two types of visitors. The number of visitors who read G2 reviews, and the number of visitors who end up in your website from G2 platform

Companies with Intent: The number of companies which the visitors belong to

Companies Not in CRM: The number of companies with intent but not in your primary CRM

Deals: The number of deals that can be attributed to G2 traffic according to your Visit Type filter, Attribution filter and Stage filter

Value: Amount of revenue that can be attributed to G2 traffic according to your Attribution filter and Stage filter

Funnel Overview

In this section, we provide the simple version of the funnel for your G2 Crowd for the given time period. This data is pulled directly through our integrations.

Graphs and Tables

G2 Company Intent Data

This table can be used to identify the level of interest (intent) companies show in your product on G2 review platform. Company in CRM column will help you to find your prospects who are in your CRM and prospects who are not in your CRM yet.

Visit Type filter will allow you to find those prospects who are early in their buying journey. This includes those who have not found your product yet, or those who have found your product and who may or may not be convinced, yet, and therefore still comparing your product with other similar products.

You can click the company name (which is in your CRM) to inspect the whole customer journey of the company. G2 does not reveal the email of the visitors, so visitors that have activity on G2 are labelled with an anonymous id in customer journey.

Companies with Intent over Time

The graph shows the trend of how many unique companies read your G2 reviews over the time.

Companies with Intent by URL/Country

Change the segmentation view by changing Group By filter at the top. It shows the number of unique companies that went to specific URLs or are from specific countries.

URL/Country Performance

Change the segmentation view by changing Group By filter at the top. The table shows the performance of URL and Country from G2 traffics, these URLs/Countries are then broken down into visitors, identified companies of those visitors, deals and value.

Learn more about G2 Buyer Intent Data and Dreamdata in this article.

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