Triblio ABM platform

Updated by Ole Dallerup

Here is how customers using the Triblio ABM platform can use Dreamdata to analyze and report on their success.

Intent data

Dreamdata has its own functionality to collect intent data from your website visitors combining it with your converted leads and contacts while enriching the company with industry, number of employees, etc. With this data, you can report on intent data while segmenting across all customers using the enriched data.

However, if you are using Triblio, you could improve what Dreamdata is already doing. Below is a script to ensure that the Triblio intent data will be collected in Dreamdata and used instead of the Dreamdata intent data when both sources are available.

<script type="text/javascript"> () {
if (!window.Triblio || {

var account = Triblio.getAccountIdentification();

if (account.isIsp || !account.domain) {
}, {
website: account.domain,
source: "triblio",
name: || undefined,
country: || undefined,
industry: account.industry || undefined,
number_of_employees: account.employees || undefined,
annual_revenue: account.revenue || undefined,


You might use Triblio to create audiences and send them to your ad platforms, such as Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads. To do this, connect your ad accounts to Dreamdata and set up tracking. You will be able to report on how well your campaigns using Triblio audiences work.

Note: Remember when running LinkedIn Ads to set up LinkedIn offline conversions and help improve your ads performance.

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