Sending partial data to Dreamdata

Updated by Ole Dallerup

You might have multiple Segment projects somewhere, and you want to send all the data to Dreamdata and others (for example, your SaaS product) where not all data is relevant to Dreamdata.

For example, you might want to share all your identifies from login to your SaaS product with Dreamdata to ensure your track the customer journey for most of your users. While not wanting to share all tracking data within your product.

Below, you can read some of the options you have in what data is sent to Dreamdata.

Destination filters

Segment has a feature called destination filters that lets you filter what data is sent to each destination. This option, however, requires that you have a Segment Business plan.

Destination using Zapier

Set up a Zapier destination and parse all the events to Zapier. In Zapier, you filter away the events you don’t want to parse to Dreamdata and use the Dreamdata Zapier integration to parse the data to Dreamdata quickly.

Destination coding your solution

Set up a destination, for example, Google Cloud Function, AWS Lambda, Azure Function, or a webhook pointing at your server. Here you write some code that filters the events you want to parse to Dreamdata and then use Dreamdata server-side APIs to parse the data to Dreamdata.

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