Can I exclude content or websites from being tracked?

Can I exclude content or websites from being tracked?

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In the Settings section, you can setup Content Categories based on specific URLs. This will allow you to group and filter by these Content Categories within our Organic Performance Search Overview an…

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In the settings section of Dreamdata you can configure conversions. A conversion is a group of events that represent a specific type of conversion for you. Typical conversions would be Demo Request,…

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Some of my deals are flagged with "no-tracking". What does it mean?

No Tracking means that we have no information about the accounts associated with this deal. It may be that it's historical revenue data we have no information about, or a situation where you've start…

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Stage models in Dreamdata Free

Your Dreamdata account comes with one default Stage Model once your account is created. First Business Conversion : First conversion event of a company. The definition of conversion is set in Data Pl…

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What does Visitors, Contacts and Companies mean?

Vistors, Contacts, and Companies are terms used across the different dashboards in Dreamdata. Learn more about what they mean.

Nicholas Wright
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What is a Stage Model?

Learn what unit of attribution means in Dreamdata and how to use it to interpret data within the dashboards.

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What is a company in Dreamdata?

Company objects in Dreamdata are created from: Source integration If the company object is changed in source integration it will change the recorded object in Dreamdata. CompanyId will have source in…

Mikkel Settnes
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What is a session?

A session is a group of user interactions. A session can contain any combination of page views, events or actions. Attribution is done on session level, such that we attribute value to a session that…

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Why are my dashboards empty?

Troubleshoot dashboards not showing data.

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