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Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment. Dreamdata will automatically download relevant data from our CRM(s). This includes data on companies such as Industry, Annual Revenue, Employees and Country. You can see this data be…

Ole Dallerup
Updated 2 years ago by Ole Dallerup

Intent data

Dreamdata utilizes various sources of intent data. One of the advantages of utilizing Dreamdata is the ability to map the complete customer journey by examining all relevant data sources. In the foll…

Ole Dallerup
Updated 5 days ago by Ole Dallerup


The Dreamdata data platform collects all of your commercial data, clean and in one place. It covers entire pipeline from integrations to source systems to data modelling and making the cleaned and or…

Mikkel Settnes
Updated 1 year ago by Mikkel Settnes

Table Schema

Table schema. To see details of table, column descriptions and example use cases. Visit here

Jing Lin
Updated 1 year ago by Jing Lin