Data modeling: Update frequency

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This help document provides a quick summary of various data sources' refresh rates and insights into the types of data available in real-time versus delayed time.

How often do my data models run?

  1. Data sources run once every day.
  2. Data modeling operations run twice daily for paid subscriptions and once daily for free subscriptions.
  3. Syncs are triggered immediately after the completion of data modeling.
  4. The Data Warehouse is updated immediately after the completion of the data modeling.
    1. The time it takes to build the data model depends on how much data you have and the configurations.
    2. Suppose you must trigger automation after the data model is built, such as Reverse ETL or BI Reporting. In that case, we recommend checking the timestamp in your data warehouse when the last data was updated and adding ~30 minutes on top as a buffer.

For insights into when your data was last synced, navigate to: "Home --> Dashboard: Sources Status Overview."

The timestamp of your last synchronization is displayed on the right, as shown in the snippet below.

You can also verify the live status of your tracking. Just go to our debugger tool: "Data platform --> Debugger."

You'll see all of your tracking data within a few minutes of the completed event.

Note: While the data appears in the debugger in real time, it may take up to 24 hours before your reports are fully populated.

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