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Menu: Settings

Great to see you here! In this section we will explain how you can adjust your settings within Dreamdata and what exactly can be adjusted within each option. The image below shows our settings functi…

Diana Ramirez
Updated 1 year ago by Diana Ramirez

Allowed Domains

Keeping your account secure. By adding allowed email domains in your security settings, you can ensure that users from outside your organization don’t get invited to access your Dreamdata account. Fo…

Steen Voersaa
Updated 1 year ago by Steen Voersaa

UTM Mapping

Dreamdata provides a tool for mapping UTM parameters and referrer information into Channel, Source. These mappings are known as rules and they will be applied to every session. Rule Priority. The rul…

Steen Voersaa
Updated 8 months ago by Steen Voersaa

Branded Search filter

The Brand label allows you to easily locate your branded campaigns both for filtering and grouping. The Brand label categories are made applying the following rules in order ie. if you do not match r…

Mikkel Settnes
Updated 3 months ago by Mikkel Settnes

CRM-Based Channel and Source in the Absence of Tracking Activity

If there is no tracking activity available prior to a stage, we rely on the original source data within the CRM to determine its channel and source. We currently support this feature for the HubSpot…

Iker Camara
Updated 4 months ago by Iker Camara

CRM filters

This feature is only available for business and enterprise plans. CRM filters allows you to filter directly on properties from your CRM. This allows additional control to generate the exact report ne…

Mikkel Settnes
Updated 1 month ago by Mikkel Settnes