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This dashboard refers to new deals (sign up, opportunity created, opportunity won). Under this feature you can compare and analyse deals based on different Channels/Sources/Campaigns/etc. Also, you c…

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With this dashboard, we provide an overview of your conversions. Conversions are a group of events that represent a specific type of conversion for you, that has been recorded on your Dreamdata accou…

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Web Traffic

With this dashboard, we provide an overview of your Web Traffic volume (Visitors) and some parts of their online behaviour (Page Views per Session, Sessions per Visitor). This information is helpful…

Siminta Jacinavice
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Performance vs. Revenue attribution: A guide on when to use what

In this video our CMO Steffen Hedebrandt will give you a quick 2 min insight about the key difference between the performance and revenue analytics reports. ENJOY THE VIDEO SUMMARY OF THE DIFFERENCES…

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