Some of my deals are flagged with "no-tracking". What does it mean?

No Tracking are instances where we have not tracked any events or touch points for that company, contact or deal. This can have several reasons:

  1. You have just recently connected the sources and set up tracking so the platform needs time and as time passes by the picture will be clearer
  2. Data in your crm is not well organised
  3. We are not catching the right events and need to revisit with you the set up
  4. We did not track certain deals or contacts (depending what you are analysing) because they were created manually in your CRM and there is no activity tracked on your website by us.
  5. Sales had an offline event and collected leads. Then they uploaded that list to your CRM. In this case too, if we have not tracked any activity by those leads we show no tracking on the reports. However, we are able to create touch points if you have this information available: timestamp, email, what the action/event is, where do we get the data from

How do I investigate these cases?

To understand what no tracking in your particular is, go directly to journeys -> contacts, companies or deals and select on the filter channel-> "no tracking".

Those leads or deals that say "created in e.g. hubspot" will be those that could have been either part of a bulk upload into your crms system or created manually. Those that say "created in Dreamdata" came through our tracking and if we have no data besides the company name..then chances are high that company does not exist in your crm system. So this is extra information we have identified.

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