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Welcome to our Partner program! 

I am Samuel, and I manage our collaboration with B2B agencies.

Firstly, I recommend bookmarking this URL as I will be updating this library frequently with material for our partners.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!

You’ve come to the right place if:

✅ You’re a B2B agency with a data-driven mindset

✅ You care about the results and quality of your marketing activities for your clients

✅ You see the value of having a attribution tool and data platform for your own use as well.

How we work with Partners and what is in it for you?:

At Dreamdata we love any agency that is showing interest in moving into reporting on what matters most for their clients - Revenue 💰

We offer value for not only our clients, but also for you as an agency partner, in showing the true value and ROI you provide to your clients. 

Reporting wise, we also make your life a lot easier: With one single source for all your clients integration, you will be able to pull all this data and report in Dreamdata, or a Business Intelligence tool white labeled as your own. No more going into each individual ad source and pulling cost and KPI data manually into a sheet.

Besides the huge business benefits you and your clients will discover, there are of course more “traditional” partner activities we love to engage in, such as co-marketing activities that gradually get larger as the relationship grows.

For more information on the benefits for partners, check out the tiering page.

The “no BS” Dreamdata Pitch:

  • Advanced customer journey tracking to capture more of the initial journey before becoming a lead
  • Multi touch attribution to account for multiple ad touchpoints between conversions
  • Pipeline attribution showing impact of ads in later stages of conversion
  • Gain the confidence to grow
  • Better knowledge what works and what doesn’t
  • One source for all spent and pipeline impact metrics

Have a client wanting to get started? Check our referral guide here

Otherwise check out the navigation menu on the left to guide you around.

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