Partner Tiers

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  • Agency Partner: Agency who booked a demo or signed up for free.
  • Agency Plus Partner: Agency who referred a customer.
  • Agency Premium Partner: Agency who've referred 5 customers or >$50.000

Partner Benefits:

Agency Partner: 

No out-of-the-box benefits. Flexibile upon request and goal alignment.

Agency Plus Partner: 

If we close a deal from your referral, your agency gains access to a TEAM account of Dreamdata (without CS).

Agency Premium Partner:

If Dreamdata closes 5 of your referral customers, or at least $50.000, your agency gains access to a Business tier account (without CS).

Referral Fee

We offer a 10% referral fee for Premium Agency Partners referring $50k within 12 months.

Tracking for referrals:

  • Must be tracked via UTM. (More info here on UTM)
  • Touch has to take place for a maximum 60 days SQL created. 
  • Email sent to about process start. 

Referrer payment is done annually in December.

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