Real-Time View

Real-Time allows you to monitor activity on your site or app as it happens. Real-Time metrics are updated continuously and each hit is reported with a 3-minute delay.. What data is displayed. The das…

Li Kang
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Events report

The Events Report provides a comprehensive analysis of all tracked touchpoints, referred to as 'events', within a specified time frame. This report captures the trends over time, and it also consolid…

Camilla Ostergaard
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Pages report

Engagement → Pages are similar to Engagement → Events , but while the 'Events' report looks at all tracked events, the 'Pages' report only looks at events on specific pages. This naturally includes e…

Camilla Ostergaard
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The Segmentation report is a B2B version of GA4 Demographics reports and Tech reports. Engagement → Segmentation = applied detailed segmentation of the people that you engage with based on geographic…

Camilla Ostergaard
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Ad Spend

This dashboard provides an overview of your Ads Cost in total as well as per each Ad Network. This report breaks down the Total Cost into smaller metrics like cost per mille and cost per click. Group…

Camilla Ostergaard
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