Revenue Analytics

Revenue Reporting

With this dashboard we provide an overview of your sales pipeline. Under each pipeline stage you can see how many: days, contacts, channels and sessions your company has collected. Note : Some of the…

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Revenue Attribution

In this dashboard we show the process of connecting B2B go-to market efforts with revenue and pipeline generated. This report allows you to assess and evaluate data which connects businesses to poten…

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Revenue Segmentation

This dashboard will provide you with all necessary filters to segment your contacts. Choose the funnel stage you want to investigate and group it by similar characteristics. This information helps to…

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Attribution Models- dashboard explanation

This dashboard gives a better understanding of which Channels are driving the most Deals and/or Value of the chosen stage model. Attribution models can help you make data-supported decisions and stra…

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Types of Attribution Models

Learn more about Attribution Models and how it affects the dashboards in Dreamdata

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Data Driven Attribution

Data-Driven Models replace specific business rules with a mathematical algorithm, that uses data from all the journeys to dynamically determine what touchpoints influenced the given Stage and therefo…

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Custom Attribution Models

What is it?. In addition to the pre-defined attribution models, you can create custom rule-based attribution models. Taking complete control over how credit is attributed between different type of se…

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Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) report

CAC, or customer acquisition cost, tells you the average total cost of acquiring a customer and it can be used to optimise your marketing efforts helping you identify what to scale, optimise or scrap altogether.

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