Allowed Domains

Keeping your account secure. By adding allowed email domains in your security settings, you can ensure that users from outside your organization don’t get invited to access your Dreamdata account. Fo…

Steen Voersaa
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How to invite Sales team members to Dreamdata

Here’s how to invite your Sales team: - Click on your name in the bottom left - Select "Access Management" - Go to "Invite User". - Here you can share access with a colleague either by using their em…

Steen Voersaa
Updated 7 months ago by Steen Voersaa

Shared Reports

Shared Reports makes the workflow of creating and sharing reports easy. Shared Reports enables you to save advanced reports, or copy, edit, or overwrite previously shared reports. All saved reports a…

Steen Voersaa
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Single sign-on

This document describes how the single sign-on feature works and how to enable or disable it.

Ido Cohen
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UTM Mapping

Dreamdata provides a tool for mapping UTM parameters and referrer information into Channel, Source and Medium. We have a large set of default mappings that ensure that for most cases this happens out…

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