Which of your emails produce pipeline and revenue?

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Welcome to our best in class #dreamdatarecipes! 🚀

Today our CMO Steffen Hedebrandt will give you quick insights into how to identify which of your emails actually produce pipeline and revenue 💸

👉 Key takeaways:

Most B2B companies frequently send emails to their followers and customers. Typically measurements for success are very early indicators like Open rates and Click rates. 🤔

That’s what we’ve been doing mostly at Dreamdata as well. However, open rates and click rates are not really what matters, right?

What we’ve recently discovered, as we introduced our Data-driven attribution model, is that when we see accounts moving into the sales pipeline and being won, then emails are very often influential. In this video I drill into our emails and show which newsletter influenced most SQLs for us.

If you’re using Dreamdata, you can do so as well with just a few clicks!

Watch the Video to get the full insights 😉

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