What is a Stage Model?

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Stage models are how you measure and filter the way value is displayed in Dreamdata.

In all of the Dreamdata product the word "Deal" means that a company reached the goal for the stage model. And the word "Value" represents the value associated. So for instance for a stage model that represents pipeline generation a "Deal" is a created opportunity or deal in the newbiz pipeline. Where as in a model that represents sign ups for a product or demo requests a "Deal" is a company that did one of those things.

These units do not represent Revenue specifically. It is more the “valuable business event“ we are looking at, along your customer journeys.

Dreamdata is set up with three stage models when you connect your data. See here what they are and how they are defined.

If you're on Dreamdata's Business plan you can request custom Stage Models.

Example of a customer journey (from first known touch to actual revenue) and the different definitions of "Deals" along the way:

To toggle between the different Stage Models, click the Stage filter located at the top of the page.

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